Enjoy fresher, cleaner, and cooler air with the HALE AIR COOLER. This designed and powerful evaporative cooler uses only the natural cooling power of evaporation to cool spaces up to 200 m2.

Energy Efficient Cooling

The HALE AIR COOLER  offers an energy efficient cooling option when the air is hot with a humidity below 60% or less for maximum efficiency. These evaporative air coolers do not require power hungry components like compressors. When warm air is drawn into an Air Cooler, it passes through a wet honeycomb cooling media. As it passes through the honeycomb cooling media, water flowing over it absorbs heat from the air causing the water to evaporate. This result in cooler, moisturized air. The low power consumption of 250 Watt translates into significant savings on energy bills compared to using air conditioners. Just unpack, add water, plug it in, and use.

Large Spaces

The HALE Evaporative Cooler offers a powerful cooling alternative for warehouses, garages, and other large industrial spaces. It can reach up an air-throw of 25 meters with a coverage of 200 m2. It’s also ideal for outdoor use to beat the heat at work or play.

3 Fan Speeds

How do you make sure large areas stay evenly cooled? It’s all in the fan which can reach up to 9 meter per second. It can provides up to 6.000 m3 / hour of airflow to spread the breeze far and wide. Choose from three fan speeds to customize comfort indoors or out.

Large Water Tank and Direct Water Connector

The large 80 liter tank hardly ever runs out of water, and you can eliminate refills entirely when you use this evaporative cooler outside. Simply connect the unit to a standard hose for a continuous water supply. It’s that easy.

Extra-Thick Cooling Pads Included

Three thick cooling pads cover the back and sides of this evaporative cooler to maximize evaporation with extra surface area. Pads are easy to remove and clean for fresh, cool air that costs far less than traditional air conditioning

Portable Design with High-Intensity Cooling

Easy-glide casters make this evaporative cooler a snap to position anywhere you need it. Roll it into a warehouse, garage or workspace for additional comfort, or use it to cool large indoor or outdoor areas with ease.

Specifications Hale Air Cooler 6000DW