Air Purifier Pro 1200


Extremely powerful and multifunctional industrial air cleaner for mobile use and fixed installation.

Mobile and versatile in use for clean air at any location

In (work) places where (fine) dust, odor or other air pollutants arise, the Hale Air Purifier Pro 1200 is an effective and easily deployable solution to prevent health complaints and odor or dust nuisance.

Different configuration

The Hale Air Purifier Pro 1200 can be used as a mobile air purifier, as a wall-mounted model and as an extractor with an air hose that can suck out pollutants or blow purified air to the desired location.

Plug and play

The Air Purifier system is immediately effective, a 220-240 Volt socket is sufficient to use the device. Several devices can be used for larger spaces. The appliance comes standard with a filter set that is suitable for most applications, but can also be equipped with different filters for specific applications.

Flexible use

The Hale Air Purifier Pro 1200 is equipped with a modern EC motor, which is continuously adjustable so that the right operating mode can be found for every application, from very quiet to extremely powerful.

The Hale Air Purifier 1200 comes standard with 4 filters

1. Pre Filter

Removes the larger dust particles from sanding, sawing or grinding and can be knocked out, blown or cleaned with a vacuum cleaner

2. F5 Medium Filter

Removes all other visible airborne particles, by filtering them out of the air, the life of the HEPA filter is extended.

3. HEPA Filter (H13)

Which is 99.97 % effective in removing small invisible (fine) dust particles, smoke, bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms. The HEPA filter ensures that the air is purified from harmful substances for a healthy workplace

4. Activated Carbon Filter

Activated carbon is a specially treated carbon that has the property of being able to bind all kinds of substances and is therefore a strong absorption agent. Activated carbon is characterized by its very large surface, one gram of solid matter can have a surface area of ​​several hundred square meters. As a result, it is able to bind various harmful substances and the activated carbon filter is effective against volatile organic compounds, cigarette smoke and unpleasant odors.


Filter configurations

Specifications Hale Humidifier 45DW