The HALE 45DWCE has a compact design for use in spacious environments which need a high-quality solution for achieving and maintaining healthy air humidity levels. The professional air humidifier is high capacity and uses top-quality components, making it portable, safe and effective. This model is prepared to be upgraded with the Connect Upgrade Kit. This Wifi module can be purchased separately.

45L / Day

500 m3/h

200 m2


Option Wifi

Water Connection


With a capacity of up to 45 litres per day, the HALE 45DWCE can regulate and maintain air humidity levels in rooms of up to 500 m3. The 45DWC provides a natural and humid airflow without creating condensation, mist or calcium deposits. This makes the 45DWCE extremely suitable for large spaces like offices, archives, museums, laboratories and all other large rooms where optimal air humidity is important. 


The HALE 45DWCE uses natural Air Washer Technology. The filter wheel slowly turns in the water. The water is transported by this rotating movement and evaporates as air is blown through the wheel. The carbon filter absorbs larger dust particles, odours, gases and volatile substances. Smaller airborne dust particles are caught in the filter wheel. These are then released into the water and settle in the water tank. Air washers therefore function as both humidifiers and air purifiers.


The 45DWCE is easy to use with a large user-friendly display on top. The direction of exiting airflow can easily be adjusted on the top of the unit and an indirect airflow can be created at the same time. The water wheel can be removed from the top of the unit and the carbon filter can be replaced at the back. It is easy to remove the water tank from the back of the unit for cleaning. There are two ways to fill the 45DWCE with water. You can fill the machine using the tank at the top. Or else you can connect the 45DWCE directly to a tap. This creates a safe and permanent water connection. The mechanical water connection ensures the correct water level in the water tank for optimal performance at all times. The connectors, hose and water block can ordered as extra options. We recommend Hale Aqua Control so that you can run your air purifier at top hygienic performance. This keeps water fresher for longer and prevents bad odours. It also reduces calcium deposits on the filters and inside the humidifier. This guarantees a longer product life. The 45DWCE is “Plug & Play”, a power socket is all you need to start using the device. The device is mounted on solid castor wheels so that it is easy to move anywhere.


The HALE 45DWCE is quiet with a minimal noise level of 30dB, making it one of the most silent professional humidifiers in its category.


The HALE 45DWCE is both high capacity and versatile with low running costs.
The device consumes minimal energy with electrical usage of 25 Watt on average. No anti-calcium filters are needed and the humidification filter generally lasts 6 to 12 months according to usage. The sturdy construction and intelligent design ensure that the 45DWCE requires almost no maintenance.


Great attention has been paid to design and reliability when developing the HALE 45DWCE. This translates into a durable structure with high-quality components andcorrosion-resistant materials for a long operational life. Components will be kept in stock for at least 10 years to extend operational life.


Air humidity is a measurement that indicates how much moisture is in the air. Usually it is expressed as relative air humidity; this is the amount of moisture in the air at that moment compared to the maximum amount of moisture the air can hold. This maximum amount is largely dependent on the temperature; the higher the temperature, the more moisture the air can hold. That’s why most people generally suffer from dry air during colder periods in the autumn, winter and spring. Even in summer, air in cooled rooms can be very dry because aircon extracts moisture from the room. If air humidity in a room is too low, you can get health problems like dry skin, eyes and lips, irritated airways, headaches, reduced concentration, fatigue and nasal congestion. Other important indicators are static electricity and cracked wooden flooring, furniture or instruments. It has also been found that viruses and bacteria stay alive for longer in rooms which are too dry. Good air humidity can reduce flu outbreaks and create a safe working environment for your staff.


The HALE 45DWCE can be operated via the control panel, HALE cloud service platform and app when the Connect Upgrade Kit is installed by your dealer. It makes it possible to connect and control your humidifiers and sensors in different buildings, floors and spaces.

The operation mode and desired humidity can be adjusted but can also be locked to prevent interference, such as in public spaces. The relative humidity set point can be set between 30 and 70% by steps of 5% via the dashboard on the machine and more detailed by 1% in the HALE cloud via the Smart Automation settings.

The 45DWCE can be controlled via the HALE cloud using a smartphone or desktop. The application allows you to expand the space with an AIR SENSE sensor to monitor air quality and air humidity in more detail. The monitor feature enables you to analyse relative humidity, particulate matter levels, temperature, volatile substances (TVOC) and CO2 in the air over longer time periods. The Automation feature can be activated when the device needs to be turned on and off at saved set points.

In this way, we offer a complete solution for monitoring your air quality and keeping it at the right level. The HALE cloud server is based at a safe and secure location in The Netherlands and complies with strict privacy and data protection law.